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Write the vision and make it plain upon tables,
that he may run that reads it.
Habakkuk 2:2

Resource Materials
Out of a desire for life changes in the individuals and churches to whom we minister, Prayer Resources is committed to a writing and recording ministry. The following items have been developed over the years and are available for a reasonable donation.

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Recapturing Biblical Intercession
by Dr Rob Finley

Suggested Donation: $10.00
A manual for the believer who desires to have a ministry of prayer, written by Dr Rob Finley as a Biblical overview of prayer teachings with practical steps of application; Excellent for discussion group study as well as personal reading (159 pages)



As The Waters Cover The Sea
by Judy Finley

Suggested Donation: $6.00
Travel with Caitlyn and Eryn from their home to the seashore and learn about God's creation! Walk with them as they discover the awesomeness of God's separation of the water and dry land. This children's book encourages belief in the Scriptures as truth for all generations (24 pages)

Cassettes by Dr Rob Finley [Back to Top]

Suggested Donation: $6.00 each
  • Answers To Unanswered Prayer
    Guidelines from the book of Habakkuk to find victory in seemingly unanswered prayers

  • Biblical Pattern Of Revival
    Specific ways to pray for revival based on Jacob's wrestling with the Lord in Genesis 32

  • The Error In The Church Today
    Jude's instructions of how to contend for the faith in a congregation infiltrated by false leaders

  • God's Ten Steps To Victory
    Definite actions to take in times of difficulties based on the experiences of King Jehoshaphat in 2 Chronicles 20

  • How To Know God's Will
    Four practical guidelines to one of life's most perplexing questions

  • How To Pray For The Backslidden
    Specific ways to pray for the backslidden and ourselves based on insights from the parable of the prodigal son in Luke 15

  • How To Pray For The Nations
    Six ways to pray for the nations of the world based on Jeremiah 1:9,10

  • How To Pray For Your Pastor
    An incorporation of several Scriptures to give guidelines for praying for the pastor's personal and pulpit life

  • How To Prepare For Revival
    An examination of each of the major texts using the word revival reveals steps of preparation for revival

  • Husband, Pray With Your Wife
    A pensive study of 1 Peter 3:7-12 revealing God's design for the husband and wife to pray together

  • Invitations of Jesus
    A challenge for the believer to pursue intimacy with the Lord amidst nominalism in the church based on three invitations Jesus issued

  • Keys To A Church Prayer Ministry
    The three essential roles that must be filled in a local church prayer ministry based on the name meanings of the volunteers who led the prayer emphasis at the rebuilding of the temple in Nehemiah 11

  • Learning To Walk By Faith
    Four tests given to Elisha by Elijah in 1 Kings 2 that will teach the believer to walk by faith

  • Looking For A House Of Prayer
    A challenge for a local church to measure up to Jesus' expectations stated when He cleansed the temple

  • Manifold Grace Of God
    An amplification of 1 Peter 4:10 as exemplified in Joseph's extension of grace to his brothers in Genesis

  • Praising The Names Of God
    Word studies on the principle and covenant names of God as they aid the believer in worship

  • Principles & Perils Of An Anointed Ministry
    Three principles and perils exemplified in the ministry of Moses challenge the anointing of every man of God

  • Prayer: The Misplaced Ministry Of The Church
    Instructions from 1 Timothy 2:1-8 concerning the need for prayer to be the foundational life of the church

  • Sins Against The Spirit In Revival
    An expositional look at Israel in Psalm 78 for insights concerning man's response to the Holy Spirit

  • Travailing For The Lost
    Seven specific steps in praying for the lost based on a blending of Matthew 9:37,38 and Romans 10:1-15

  • Victory Over The Flesh
    Direction for understanding and overcoming the works of the flesh listed in Galatians 5

  • Victory Over Your Besetting Sin
    Insights from Hebrews 12 describing how to gain victory over personal, moral and spiritual strongholds

Seminars by Dr Rob Finley [Back to Top]

Suggested Donation: $30.00 each set
Includes one workbook and five or six cassette tapes. For group study add additional workbooks for $3 each
  • God's Blueprint For Revival
    A series of messages based on 2 Chronicles 7:14 that include historical cameos of great, past revivals

    Tape Set & One Workbook:

    Additional Workbooks:

  • Prayer For Spiritual Awakening
    A seminar designed to produce new spiritual growth through an evaluation of where we are, where we should be, and how we should get there as individuals, as churches, and as a nation

    Tape Set & One Workbook:

    Additional Workbooks:

  • Preparing For The Fiery Trial of Faith
    A seminar based on 1 Peter 4 that urgently calls the church to prepare for the coming oppression and persecution of Christians

    Tape Set & One Workbook:

    Additional Workbooks:

  • God's Glory In The Church
    A series of messages based on Ephesians 3:8-21 that describes God's design for His glory to be continuously revealed in a revived church

    Tape Set & One Workbook:

    Additional Workbooks:

  • Old Testament Prayer Principles
    A Biblical overview of prayer teachings with application for becoming an intercessor, being victorious in prayer, and praying with authority

    Tape Set & One Workbook:

    Additional Workbooks:

  • Jesus' Teaching On Prayer
    A Scriptural exploration of Jesus' teachings on prayer with surprising discoveries and practical steps of application

    Tape Set & One Workbook:

    Additional Workbooks:

  • Keys To Effective Praying
    A seminar designed to aid both leaders and participants in group praying in church, small group, and family settings

    Tape Set & One Workbook:

    Additional Workbooks:

  • Meeting The Challenge Of Missions
    A seminar to aid believers, mission committees, and mission candidates in meeting the challenge of missions through prayer

    Tape Set & One Workbook:

    Additional Workbooks:


Seminar by Judy Finley [Back to Top]

Suggested Donation: $30.00 each set
Includes one workbook and five or six cassette tapes. For group study add additional workbooks for $3 each
  • Praying For Your Husband
    A seminar providing the Biblical basis and practical application of utilizing the doctrine of man's trinity in intercessory prayer

    Tape Set & One Workbook:

    Additional Workbooks:

Study Guides by Dr Rob Finley [Back to Top]

Suggested Donation: $3.00 each
  • Praying For The Cities
    A study guide that helps the intercessor gain discernment into the past, present, and future of a city to be able to effectively pray for God's purposes concerning that city

  • Transferring The Mantle
    A practical guide for a Pastor Search Committee to follow throughout the process of selecting a new pastor

  • Prayer Ministry Of A Local Church
    A useful guide that provides a local church with creative ideas for building an effective prayer ministry



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