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Prayer Resources
PO Box 751016
Memphis, TN
Tel 901.794.6999

Pray also for us that God would open unto us a door of utterance...
Colossians 4:3

Meeting Formats
While Dr Finley is available to conduct Missions Conferences, Pastors' Conferences, Association/Denomination-Wide Meetings, and Para-Church Group Training and Judy Finley is available to speak at Women's Luncheons and Conferences, their most fruitful ministry is conducted in local churches. Dr Finley has developed over 500 hours of prayer training and revival messages that can be used in a local church. The most beneficial meetings in a local church are those scheduled with a Sunday morning through Wednesday evening format, but there is flexibility to present some of the series in an all day or weekend format. Suggested series include:

  • Prayer For Spiritual Awakening - This series is Dr Finley's most basic series that includes motivational messages and practical prayer training. It can be presented in either all day, weekend, or Sunday through Wednesday format, but the Sunday through Wednesday format has the strongest impact upon a congregation. Sunday through Wednesday format would require two 45 minute sessions each evening. Dr Finley's presentation would require the use of participant workbooks and overhead projector. Recommended for first time ministry in a local church. [more info]
  • God's Blueprint For Revival - This series of five messages is based on 2 Chronicles 7:14 and utilizes four Psalms to equip the believer with a lifestyle for revival. It includes historical cameos of great revivals of the past. The series is suited only for a Sunday morning through Wednesday evening format with one 45 minute message each evening. A six-week preparation guide for a congregation to utilize prior to this meeting is expected to be ready in early 2002. [more info]
  • Keys To Effective Praying - This series of five messages is designed to aid both leaders and participants in group praying in church, small group, and family settings. It can be presented in either all day, throughout a weekend, or Sunday through Wednesday (with one 45 minute message each evening) format. Dr Finley's presentation would require the use of participant workbooks and an overhead projector. Recommended to be preceded by Prayer For Spiritual Awakening series. [more info]
  • Essentials For Revival Weekend - This series of messages is designed for a weekend format with various target groups within a local congregation. It's chief goal is to motivate the congregation to walk in preparation for and expectancy of revival. The series includes messages on revival and evangelism, emphasis upon family praying, and the role of both the elderly and the youth in revival. [more info]
  • Praying For Your Husband - This seminar that Judy Finley shares with women presents the Biblical basis for applying the doctrine of the trinity of man to prayers for husbands and children. It includes Scriptural training to discern body, soul, and spirit. The seminar is presented in an all day format. A participant workbook is required. [more info]

Scheduling Policies

Prayer Resources seeks to minister to all whom the Lord gives an open door, regardless of size, location, financial ability, or denomination. The first firm commitment on the itinerary will receive priority for that date. If a church is unable to meet our financial needs, we will seek to raise additional support to cover the church's costs.

We request that travel expenses (34.5 cents per mile round trip if traveling by car or round-trip air fare in advance), lodging, and meals be provided and that a love offering for the ministry be collected. If your location is more than four hours away from Memphis by car travel, our schedule dictates that we fly to the airport nearest you. We seek to book our air flights in advance to gain the most economical fares.

The use of workbooks is vital in the communication of some of our formats; therefore, we also request that the church cover the $3 per workbook expense. The workbook expense can be offset if the church prefers to produce the copies on their own equipment and paper. We will provide the originals in advance of our arrival.


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